Welcome to Vishnu Export Vishnu Export originating from a predominant agricultural economy of India catering to the worlds largest vegetarian community. We are a largest Manufacturer & Exporter of 100% Vermi Compost / Earthworm Compost Natural Bio Organic Fertilizer in India for all kinds of plants, organic farming, nursery, garden & greenery development etc. Our fertilizer (bio-humus) is an environmentally safe unique support and catalyst for all kinds of plants. Our bio-humus contains large portion of ferments, vitamins ground antibiotics, hormones of growth and other bio-active matters.

At Vishnu Export, we understand this is not the domestic challenge but a global requirement that everyone gets chemical free food products. Thus we aim to keep the environment clean and assist farmers to preserve fertility of the soil and at the same time corps that are free of chemicals.

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What is Vermicompost ?
Converting Organic Waste into Fertilizers. Vermi Composting is chiefly composting with worms. In nature, all organic matter eventually decomposes. In vermi Composting, worms are the with decomposed matter and the castings. Vermi Compost, enriches soil in the most natural organic manner and also increases the quality, fertility and mineral content of the soil. Unlike chemical micro organisms, the organic fertilizer is completely harmless and provide rich organic soil that is best for plants.